Alsace Wine Travel

I was reminded by Andrew Jefford in a recent Decanter article of this treasure of a domaine and have made a note to myself to revisit soon. Their 13ha of vineyards are dotted around the gorgeous village of Niedermorschwihr, including in Grand Cru Sommerberg (view below, taken from the top of the vineyard) and Grand Cru Brand. sommerberg-2

The Albert Boxler of the name is long gone, and the estate nowadays is run by his grandson, Jean, who studied viticulture at Montpellier University and returned to the family fold in the mid-90s when his father fell ill. If you want to be sure that Jean will be there and available, you need to book a tasting ahead by phone (they don’t do email and have no website of their own). It’s worth spending time with this shy, gentle man, passionate about what he does and quietly (I use the word advisedly) proud of…

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